Going the Distance

The Revolorio family has endured significant hardships while living in extreme poverty. Their remote home, located far up the mountain, makes it impossible to receive the usual municipal assistance. Mrs. Revolorio faces difficulties finding work due to her lack of formal education. Following the death of her husband, the family suffered a devastating emotional and financial blow, leaving her unable to afford schooling for her four children. The family’s sole income comes from their modest farm, where they grow corn and beans.

Opportunities to overcome their situation and obtain a better  life seem as distant as their home. They have endured immense suffering, lacking any support system and forging ahead in life alone. Many days they went without food, owning only one pair of clothes and often had no shoes to protect their feet as they worked the family farm.

Their living conditions are extremely challenging. They rent a very small home and, to relieve themselves, must walk out to the mountains, using trees for privacy.

Upon learning of their dire situation, HRI intervened despite the difficult terrain and distance to their home. We provided this family with a private, enclosed bathroom with a toilet. Now, they no longer suffer from the gastrointestinal and skin diseases often resulting from relieving themselves in the open air.

Additionally, the young boy is now attending school, benefiting from HRI’s Take Home Breakfast Program. This extra nutrition is critical for his growth and development, and it also supports the entire family. As the first person in his family to attend school, he is determined to overcome these challenges!

The family is incredibly grateful to HRI. No one had ever visited them due to their remote location, but HRI made the journey, built the latrine, and enrolled their child in school, where he and the whole family benefit from the feeding program. They now enjoy a healthier home life, and the boy has hope for a better future, aiming to eventually support his family who have suffered for too long.


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