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Half of the population of both Haiti and Guatemala suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition. (WFP)

Addressing the cyclical nature of hunger and the barriers to dependable access to good nutrition for babies, children and families is fundamental to community well-being and long-term potential.

Haiti was recently ranked in the world’s worst 10 hunger crises (FAO of UN).

Too many families struggle every day to feed their children – something, anything, let alone a nutritious meal. These families endure immense stress daily. Many resort to leaving their children at orphanages, not understanding the devastating long-term impact orphanages have on children. All of HRI’s programs support the fundamental goal of ending chronic hunger and resolving food insecurity for the long-term while keeping families together.

Around 4.3 million people, more than one in three Haitians, currently need urgent food assistance – a still-worsening situation stoked by years of political instability, natural disasters, government neglect, and trade policies that undermine agricultural production.

HRI meal programs combined with medical support, access to clean water and education, psycho-social support, and trainings on nutrition, sanitation and hygiene all work together to ensure children and families no longer suffer from various effects of hunger and malnutrition and that they receive the basic nutrition they need to learn, grow and thrive.

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