The HRI Mission

Hunger Relief International (HRI) is a Judeo-Christian organization that works to improve and protect the lives of children and families living in extreme poverty by building resiliency, fighting hunger, promoting family unity, and increasing self-sufficiency. HRI does this through direct programming and by raising public awareness.

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HRI initially addresses immediate issues of hunger and unreliable access to food, also known as food insecurity.  Once HRI begins implementing nutrition programs in a community, our team crafts a long-term, strategic plan for development projects in partnership with the local community leadership. Addressing the challenge of hunger and unreliable access to nutritional food, especially for children, provides significant motivation for parents and community leaders to embrace the long-term responsibilities of improving the standard of living and self-sufficiency of the community. By connecting with local and international churches, universities, businesses, farmers, governments, and community partners we help to facilitate long term, sustainable and transformational community growth and development. Together we address critical challenges facing vulnerable communities and their environment. Our strategy ultimately prevents child abandonment, trafficking, unlawful migration, selling children into servitude, and other forms of child exploitation.

Strategic Goals

1. To continually strengthen our commitment and efforts to end extreme poverty, a major contributor to so much suffering in the world today, particularly the pain of hunger and malnutrition.

2. To raise up generations of girls and women who understand their basic human rights including equity in all forms, their importance in civil society, and the economic power that lies within their reach.

3. To deepen our commitment to the highest standards of professional competency and service as well as strong, equitable organizational leadership and governance.


  • We are committed to all children of the one true God and that we are called by Him to serve without regard to race, gender, belief or any meaningless categorization.
  • We are committed to the belief that every life has purpose, and each should have not only the basics of food, safe water, access to medical care and education but hope for a better life.
  • We are committed to be the best stewards of all resources entrusted to us; to be transparent and accountable to our donors, to our partners and to those we serve.
  • We are committed to work together, with local communities, churches, other organizations and our donor partners because together we can all accomplish more than we can alone.
  • We are committed to serve with excellence, constantly striving to do more, our partners deserve nothing less than our absolute best.

Our Vision

HRI aspires to ensure that children and families living in extreme poverty have their basic needs met including equitable access to nutritious food, education, clean water, healthcare, sanitation and safe living environments. We envision a world in which the girl child and women especially understand their rights and that these rights are respected by society, giving them a voice and decision making power in their lives, homes and nations.

Get Involved

We proudly work with churches, individuals, universities, businesses, foundations, and organizations that have a desire to make a difference and improve outcomes for vulnerable children, families, and communities. We welcome your involvement as a donor, fundraiser, mission trip volunteer, or advocate. Please contact us to learn more. Without our valuable partners, nothing we do would be possible!

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