Harnessing Potential to Beat the Odds

Patricia Macario Gabriel is a resilient 42-year-old woman residing in the northern highlands of Guatemala alongside her devoted mother. Their livelihood revolves around crafting vibrant piñatas - a labor of love that produces minimal income.

Patricia faces an additional challenge in her daily life—a thyroid condition that intermittently affects her mobility and speech. Despite her health struggles, she remains determined to secure stable income, especially to afford the vital medication her condition demands.

Fortunately, there's a beacon of hope in the form of AMUTED, a valued local partner of HRI. AMUTED identified Patricia as a prime candidate for assistance in  their vocational training program tailored for those facing dire circumstances.

Recognizing her potential to thrive with the right support, HRI DonorSee partners provided Patricia a small business grant. Together, we empowered Patricia to embark on a transformative journey. By equipping her with the materials crucial for her success, Patricia has perfected her sewing skills, crafting beautiful indigenous clothes - skills poised to elevate her income significantly!

By harnessing her newfound expertise, Patricia is now selling her handmade garments alongside the vibrant piñatas. The profits generated will not only sustain her enterprise but will also facilitate ongoing investment in additional materials, ensuring her small business’ sustainable growth.

Your generosity served as the cornerstone of Patricia's aspirations, fostering financial independence that transcends mere survival.

With each sale, she edges closer to realizing her dreams, alleviating the burden of medical expenses and securing a dignified livelihood so she can care for her aging mother as well. Thank you for sowing the seeds of empowerment and resilience!


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