Securing a Future for Orphans

Billy and Jean grew up in an orphanage located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. For nearly 15 years, HRI has been a steadfast source of support for them and thousands of others offering vital support in the form of nourishing meals, cooking essentials like propane, pots & pans, clean water, medical care, psychosocial support, hygiene supplies, clothing, shoes, and more. But our commitment doesn't end there.

HRI is dedicated to empowering orphans and vulnerable youth, equipping them for life beyond the orphanage walls.

As Billy and Jean approach adulthood, they face the scary reality of transitioning into independence, yearning for stability in their financial prospects in a country that has little to offer.                                                      

With the support of their long-term sponsor, Skybreak Church, and our generous HRI DonorSee community, we collectively rallied to provide these young men with a transformative opportunity: enrollment in a reputable vocational school. We furnished them with their very own baking essentials—a professional oven, mixer, utensils, and more—to kickstart their culinary journey.

Recently, Billy and Jean proudly received their well-deserved certificates, officially recognizing them as qualified chefs! With these newfound qualifications, Billy and Jean are poised to forge ahead, securing gainful employment that promises stability and the promise of a brighter future.

Soon, they'll bid farewell to the orphanage, and step into adulthood with confidence and purpose!

To all who invested in their dreams of culinary mastery, your impact resonates profoundly. Through your generosity, Billy and Jean are overwhelmed with gratitude as they embark on a career they love, earning a competitive wage while employing the skills honed over the past year.


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