We are thrilled to share FHRI will be receiving a $33,057 grant from The Embassy of Japan in Guatemala aimed at improving educational infrastructure in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala!

This grant was awarded to our local organization in Guatemala, Foundation Hunger Relief International (FHRI).

For the first time, the Embassy of Japan is supporting FHRI's efforts to improve sanitary facilities in two rural schools: the Canton Xepace Mixed Rural Official School and the José Martí Mixed Rural Official School in San José Chiquilajá, Quetzaltenango.

This project is the result of joint work between FHRI, local education authorities, parents' associations, and other key actors. The strategic guidance provided by The Embassy of Japan has made it possible to align local needs with investment priorities, thus ensuring the success of the project.

With a beneficiary student population of more than 1,000 children, this project will not only improve sanitary conditions, but is also expected to have a significant impact on school attendance and performance, especially among girls.

This agreement marks the beginning of a strong collaboration between The Embassy of Japan and FHRI, aimed at jointly identifying and addressing local educational needs, with the aim of transforming education in Guatemala.

These grants would not have been possible without your past support which enabled HRI to develop successful programs throughout Guatemala. Thank you for your continued partnership which transforms lives!

Rachel Zelon
Founder & CEO

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