This has been historical year for HRI! The number of children and families served multiplied exponentially due to our Covid-19 programs. And now we're expanding even more!

Next month children in Haiti will finally begin their new school year after being out for 8 months due to the pandemic. Thanks to a new partnership, HRI has DOUBLED the number of children we are supporting through our Children First program in Haiti!

We are now providing holistic support through a quality education, school supplies, hot school lunches, after school activities, teacher trainings, parent trainings on sanitation, hygiene, child-rearing and business development and management, and more to 210 families!

We couldn't be more proud of our team who have worked very hard to secure this partnership in order to provide better services to more families living in complete destitution. However, your ongoing support will ensure our success. THANK YOU for giving generously as we near the end of 2020!

With hope,

Rachel Zelon
CEO & President

Thousands Needs

Help HRI end hunger and suffering.