I am thrilled to share exciting news with you today! Our local organization in Guatemala, Foundation Hunger Relief International, was awarded a $100,000 grant to support and bolster the continued participation of vulnerable children and young adolescents in the formal education sector. This project will be implemented in the Altiplano region of Guatemala through a diverse array of direct services and support to students and families. In addition, HRI will build strong community support systems and networks that will reinforce this effort.

Our team in Guatemala will be working alongside and under the guidance of the lead organization in this amazing project - RTI International, a long-time partner of USAID. The grant funds from USAID were awarded to RTI and USAID’s Basic Education Quality and Transitions Activity, and HRI is a subgrantee of RTI.

Pictured above is our Guatemala team who recently gathered for a two-day workshop with the RTI Guatemala team. It was an excellent opportunity to share and learn as well as to create new professional relationships!

We could never have received this grant and huge vote of confidence by highly respected donors without your support of HRI and the ongoing work we do serving the most vulnerable children and families in the world.

Thank you so very much,

Rachel Zelon
Founder & CEO

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