Field Stories from HRI

Haiti: Spotlight Story on Esther

Several years ago, when a hurricane was approaching the coast of Haiti, Esther’s brother sent his daughter to stay with her aunt inland, so she would be safe from the storm. Aunt Esther thought she would have the girl temporarily. But when days turned to weeks and weeks to months, Esther realized her brother was not returning. He had abandoned her, never to be heard from again.


Esther did not have any money. She was barely making enough working various jobs day to day to get enough food for herself and her own child, much less another.


The family was thrust into an impossible situation! Living in a room no bigger than a small closet, the three were struggling to survive each day. They had no food, no clean water, no steady income and no hope in sight… until they met HRI.


HRI provided Esther and the girls nutritious meals, education, trainings, support and freedom from inconceivable poverty. Esther learned a new trade and – with guidance – is thriving! Not only is she able to consistently put good food on the table, but she is also paying for the children’s school fees on her own.


They are happy, healthy and hopeful thanks to HRI and our partners!


Guatemala: Spotlight Story on Erika

Erika is the mother of three young children. She and her husband live in a small wooden house high in the hills of rural Guatemala. Despite the challenges and hardships she faces each day, Erika is always positive and smiling. She hikes miles on steep mountainside trails to access water, the main road and the central part of her small town. She is often carrying her children, water, laundry and other items on this trek. Her home has no running water and, up until this year, no access to any type of toilet.

Thanks to one of our generous partners, The Connection Church, Erika and her family now have improved sanitation with a well-built private latrine. We are happy to report the family keeps their latrine impeccably clean and well-maintained.


Access to latrines and improved sanitation play a vital role in preventing illness and improving nutritional outcomes, while also providing dignity for families like Erika’s.


Haiti: Spotlight Story on Roseline

Three years ago, Roseline and her husband separated. She has since been the sole caregiver of their now 11-year-old daughter. Roseline has struggled since the separation. She hadn’t been able to secure a stable job. She spent her days looking for work. Sometimes, she washed people’s clothes. Other times, friends would help her out by working around their homes for a few gourdes – which is the equivalent of less than one U.S. penny a day. What few coins they had were quickly used for school fees, food, clothes and illness. Roseline reached the point she was not even able to feed her daughter, much less afford to send her to school.


This all changed when she met HRI. After receiving parenting and buiness trainings, Roseline was not only able to secure a steady job and income, but she was able to launch and operate her own business with great success!


Instead of earning less than a penny a day, Roseline earned an HRI grant of $138 U.S.D. which she invested to grow her business. Roseline has ambitious plans and hopes to create a brighter future for herself and her daughter.

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