2018 HRI Annual Report: Strengthening Unity & Resilience

Each year, HRI’s approach delves deeper into the core challenges facing children and families living in both urban and rural chronic poverty. We know that simply treating the symptoms of hunger and poverty is not enough to create real change – we must address the root causes, interrupt negative cycles, and promote positive, healthy behaviors and relationships as an integral part of our strategy.
Simultaneously, we must respond to and resolve sudden crises as they occur – including natural disasters, political and social unrest, violence, surges in food prices and other commodities, and much more. We see first-hand how these types of destabilizing forces exacerbate dire situations for already extremely vulnerable people.  
In 2018, HRI went beyond relief and recovery and began to prioritize resilience and unity. 
HRI extends our deepest gratitude for the compassion and generosity of committed HRI partners and donors in 2018. Your support is essential to responding to crisis, building resilience and unity, and creating opportunities that transform lives as we address key challenges confronting extremely vulnerable children, families and communities in Haiti and Guatemala. By partnering with HRI, you not only help meet the most basic of needs, but you also completely transform lives and improve futures of some of the most vulnerable children, youth and families in the world!  Thank you for your partnership!

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