Installing new and improved bathrooms in places that need it most is one of our health priorities.

This includes different toilet designs including safe pit-latrines, flush toilets and composting toilets depending on the best option for each situation. The goal is to ensure that human waste is being captured and managed properly. Sanitary facilities not only provide a clean, safe space, but they also provide dignity to women and young developing girls as they have a private space to use the restroom. HRI’s nurse and social worker also work with children in orphanages and families in remote villages by delivering hygiene and sanitation trainings to educate families on the importance of healthy sanitation practices and how sanitation can harm or improve one’s health.


HRIs Trifecta Approach includes providing one water filter, one traditional latrine and one safe cookstove for one family. Our holistic approach of providing all three to each family will decrease water-borne illness, respiratory illness (also one of the top five killers of children under the age of 5 worldwide), and improve overall health and safety.

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