Psychosocial support is equally important to children and adults suffering from chronic hunger, systemic poverty and natural disasters or emergencies.

HRI’s social workers and nurse work together to support every child and every adult in every HRI program emotionally and spiritually– as they wish.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, our team of trained volunteers are calling 200+ individuals per week in Guatemala to see how people are feeling and whether they have symptoms of Covid. The team provides appropriate referrals for healthcare, when needed, and also works to determine whether people are suffering from mental health challenges including anxiety, fear, depression, or sadness. HRI is the lead agency in the OCHA working group on mental health during the pandemic; members include OCHA, the Ministry of Health of Guatemala, the Pan American Health Organization, the University of San Carlos, Doctors Without Borders, the International Committee for the Red Cross, the Guatemala Red Cross and a Guatemalan group of volunteer psychologists.

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