When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, HRI quickly mobilized to add more than a dozen new programs. When most other organizations closed their doors and even pulled out of the country, HRI increased our work as the need became greater than ever.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, HRI increased our programs and services to serve thousands of more people through prevention and education activities. HRI reached 21,000 individuals every month in Haiti and Guatemala with short messages about Covid, how to stay safe, and how to support one another and healthcare workers. HRI constructed and distributed 125 handwashing stations for people in slum communities and for all 18 HRI supported orphanages in Haiti. We hosted several trainings and assisted Haitian women to establish cottage businesses including the production of high-quality masks and cleaning disinfectants that they then sold in response to the great demand and to generate income for their families. We trained 100 Good Health Ambassadors to go into their communities and share critical information about the virus, how it is spread and how families can protect themselves and their loved ones. And of course, at the same time, we continued our very important work with orphans and vulnerable children - educating them on how to be safe from, but not fearful of, Covid-19.

Click here to watch a video highlighting HRI's Covid-19 programs.

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