Paired with health education, hygiene products help to reduce preventable illness. HRI distributes hygiene kits to children in orphanages and other programs which include toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, feminine care products, and other basic hygiene items.

Our social workers and nurse lead trainings for children and staff in orphanages to help educate on the importance of hygiene and sanitation as it relates to overall health and wellbeing. They also deliver trainings to our Children First program participants which serves single parents in Haiti who are at risk of abandoning or trafficking their children due to extreme poverty. Our team also provides hygiene and sanitation trainings to families who benefit from our nutritional programs and other HRI services in rural Guatemala.

Additionally, HRI distributes safe, ventilated and eco-friendly cookstoves to families in rural Guatemala as they significantly reduce high rates of chronic respiratory illness and burn incidents – especially in women and children. They are significantly more efficient, reducing environmental degradation as well as the time it takes to cook and collect wood.  HRI provides a safe alternative for cooking meals and warming the home, preventing families from cooking on open fires where small children are susceptible to falling on open flames. HRI also provides safe cookstoves to schools.

HRIs Trifecta Approach includes providing one water filter, one traditional latrine and one safe cookstove for one family. Our holistic approach of providing all three to each family will decrease water-borne illness, respiratory illness (also one of the top five killers of children under the age of 5 worldwide), and improve overall health and safety.

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