We all know that food is the greatest need to fight hunger, and that's what we do at HRI - fight hunger.  But without other crucial interventions, children often do not enjoy nor thrive from the nutrients present in the food they eat!

Parasitic worm infections, an all too common occurrence affecting poor communities, create significant health and growth risks for children. The good news is these infections are easily treated.

"Parasitic worm infections spread primarily in areas with inadequate sanitation. These infections interfere with children’s nutrient uptake, often leading to anemia, malnourishment, and impaired mental and physical development. As a result, infection means that children are less likely to attend school, adversely affecting educational outcomes. Regular treatment with a simple pill is universally recognized as a safe and effective solution to combat these infections." (Deworm the World)

In Haiti, HRI is partnering with Vitamin Angels on several lifesaving initiatives; one of which is providing this simple deworming treatment!

At no cost to us, HRI has received 200,000 deworming tablets (Albendazole 400) and Vitamin A that will reach children over the next 6 months.

While HRI has been providing deworming medications for years to hundreds of children in orphanages and schools, we are thrilled to share with you our hugely increased capacity to positively affect the lives of children. With our new partner Vitamin Angels, we hope this is just the beginning!

Although we cannot provide improved sanitation or clean water to all of the affected children, studies have proven that, "Regular deworming will help children avoid the worst effects of infection even if there is no improvement in sanitation."(World Bank)

We are thrilled to share this great news with you! I ask for your support to ensure that HRI is able to reach 100,000 children with this life affirming treatment in the next 6 months!! Just $0.50 will ensure that one child is dewormed and receives Vitamin A.

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