HRI Developed and Adopted a Thorough Child Safeguarding Policy

HRI takes safeguarding protection responsibilities seriously and is committed to ensuring that all of our partners provide a safe, nurturing and joyful environment for the children being served by HRI programs and activities. HRI recognizes that every person working closely with children has significant power and influence, and HRI works diligently to prevent any abuse of their position. HRI as an organization, and all adults involved in its programs and activities, accept the paramount duty to safeguard the welfare of all children in its programs and activities, without exception. This policy underscores the HRI commitment to provide all children with the safest possible environment in which to thrive. This requires action to prevent intentional and/or unintentional abuse and harm of any kind.

The policy is fully approved and supported by HRI’s Board of Directors, professional leadership, and field staff.


Download the Full Child Safeguarding Policy

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