Hunger Relief International (HRI) works to alleviate the impact of hunger on the lives of malnourished children and their families as a first step in a long-term strategy to achieve family and community self-sufficiency.

  • Provided 12.1M meals to children & families since 2010
  • 92.4 cents of every dollar went to programming since 2010
  • Works in Guatemala, Haiti, and with strong partners around the world

Together with our partners, HRI has worked in Haiti since 2010, following the aftermath of the earthquake. At that time, our work mainly focused on ensuring access to sufficient food and decent nutrition for children living in orphanages as many were struggling to access basic food staples after the disaster.


Over the last 8 years our work has significantly progressed and matured. HRI now also works to protect children, strengthen families, build resiliency, prevent child abandonment, empower teens through entrepreneurship and leadership development, etc.


Today our primary focus is addressing the root causes of generational poverty by:

1. Providing Nutrition, Education, Sanitation and Transformation Programs (N.E.S.T.).

Your faithful partnership ensures the most basic of needs are met. Our Nutrition, Education, Sanitation and Transformation programs work together with other HRI programs to attain several short- and long-term goals.


2. Helping orphaned teens move out of institutionalized care with the skills they need to lead fruitful and dignified lives. Our goal is to help youth living in orphanages integrate back into society and achieve self-sufficiency through psychosocial support, life-skills education and micro-enterprise training.


3. Preventing the abandonment of children in orphanages through Children First.

The Children First program – called “Kay Fanmi” in Haiti – brings important, targeted interventions that promote financial stability, academic achievement, strong parent-child relationships and spiritual & emotional development. We launched the program in Delmas 32 – one of Port-au-Prince poorest neighborhoods – and thus far, we have achieved strong results.


4. Strengthening child protection practices in the orphanages and communities where we operate. We have gradually worked with orphanages to mitigate the devastating impacts of child malnutrition and low-quality care through training and complementary nutritional and academic programming.


Over the next few months, HRI will share several mini reports to overview each of the four strategies outlined above. Your past support has been a vital launching pad for these newer supplemental development programs. The basic care you provide through your giving has enabled HRI to move beyond just assisting with nutrition, education, sanitation and transformational activities. Your support provides hope to children and teen orphans for a future beyond the orphanage and streets. THANK YOU for your continued partnership every single day of the year!




The programs recapped above are the next steps in HRI’s long-term development plans. This movement will strengthen and unite orphans, families and each community in order to reduce poverty, prevent child abandonment, beat hunger and see whole communities transformed.


What makes all of the programs HRI leads successful is the relationships we have developed with orphanage and community directors, pastors and leaders. These relationships of trust allow HRI to introduce new ideas that lead to positive change, family reunification, child protection, and unity.


But none of what HRI does would be possible without the relationships we have with each and every one of our partners. Because of your faithful commitment, HRI is able to provide thousands of children and families with not only food, but with hope and opportunity.


We are not just giving children and families bread and fish anymore; we are teaching them to farm and fish.


Together, we can Beat Hunger!


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