Every person has the right to be adequately nourished.

We believe that addressing the cyclical nature of hunger and the barriers to dependable access to good nutrition for babies, children and families is fundamental to community well-being and potential.

Too many families struggle every day to feed their children – something, anything, let alone a nutritious meal. We know the stress these families endure on daily basis, and that is why all of our programs support the fundamental goal of ending chronic hunger and resolving food insecurity for the long-term.
HRI meal programs combined with medical support, access to clean water and education, psycho-social support, and trainings on nutrition, sanitation and hygiene all work together to ensure people no longer suffer from the various effects of hunger and malnutrition and that they receive the basic nutrition they need to learn, grow and thrive.

Our nutrition specific interventions involve a multi-phased approach that starts with immediate provision of food and nutritional training and gradually moves towards increased home and local food production. This approach involves every level of the community – leadership, teachers, parents and children, as well as our own staff, partners and external experts. On a daily basis, households, communities, orphanages, and schools take responsibility for maintaining and executing meal programs. The unwavering commitment of so many people is helping us to accomplish zero hunger and increase access to nutritious food.

  • School-Aged Feeding: Improves health, school enrollment, attendance, academic performance and gender equity.
  • Infant and Toddler Feeding: Adequate nutrition in the earliest years of a child’s life prevents stunted growth, chronic illness and is vital for healthy social and cognitive development.
  • Nutritional Training for Caregivers: Increases a caregivers’ commitment, knowledge, and ability to adequately provide for the nutritional needs of her children / dependants.
  • Local Food Procurement: Sourcing food locally supports eventual community and family self-sufficiency by strengthening the market for small local farmers and creating the potential for new job opportunities locally and beyond.

Your monthly partnership is needed as these programs are 100% privately funded through partners like you!


Donate just $15 a month to provide nutritious food for an orphan or vulnerable child.



Did you know?

Hunger afflicts 815 million people. (World Food Programme)


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