Empowerment & Self-Sufficiency

Every person has the right to hope and dream.

We believe empowerment is the first step towards transformation and is essential to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty, abuse and exploitation.

Lack of access to opportunity and limited prospects for the future – particularly for youth, women and other marginalized groups – negatively impacts impoverished communities around the world. We witness first-hand how the lack of training and employment opportunities, perpetuate poverty, crime, child abandonment, trafficking, exploitation, servitude and dependency. HRI is working to change this reality by empowering individuals to take control of their own futures.

Our empowerment focused programs are results-oriented and work to improve knowledge, develop skills and create viable income generation options for women, young adults and teens aging-out of orphanages through a “pay-it-forward” approach that helps the next generation of program participants. Each person has the opportunity to help themselves, their family and their community move towards a more economically stable, socially inclusive and responsible future.

  • Children First: Protects children from harm by keeping families together, building strong parent-child relationships, ensuring children attend school where they receive a healthy meal, providing micro-enterprise training with micro-loans, and more. 100% of the micro-loans were repaid in 2018 and 2019 and then reinvested in the families by paying for school tuitions!
  • Micro-Enterprise Development for Youth: Offers young adults the opportunity to develop marketable skills to apply in their communities and become financially independent.
  • Supplemental Income Generation for WomenCreates new revenue streams for marginalized women. Helping women earn money alleviates hunger in the household, ensures better access to health care and education, and reduces overall poverty for families.
  • 4HER: Capacity Training for Women: Helps combat various forms of domestic violence and gender inequality and increases family health outcomes, as well as earning potential.  

HRI Empowerment & Micro-Enterprise Programs average $250 to $1,000 per person/family for the whole program. Contact HRI for more information.

I am thrilled to be in partnership with Rachel Zelon and HRI. I’ve seen the HRI operation in person – it’s making a huge impact on the community.

Mickey Hensley
Collective Acts


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