Empowerment & Self-Sufficiency

Every person has the right to hope and dream.

We believe empowerment is the first step towards transformation and essential to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. At the core of all our programs, we are promoting empowerment and eventual self-sufficiency for communities and families.

Our empowerment focused programs work to promote specific untapped skills, interests and resources, as well as elevate the status of marginalized groups that have the potential to help their community sustainably move towards a more economically stable, socially inclusive, and responsible future.

Whether a child is learning vital life skills, a woman is developing her self-esteem and influence in the family and community, or parents are developing skills needed to earn additional income- HRI is working to provide tools and education that empower people to take control of their own futures.

Income Generation

Creates viable pathways out of hunger and poverty for families and communities leading to eventual self-sufficiency.
1Income Generation[/ilightbox]

Vocational Training

Offers older youth and young adults the opportunity to develop marketable skills to apply in their communities and become financially independent.
1Vocational Training[/ilightbox]

4HER: Capacity Building for Women

Helps combat various forms of domestic violence and gender inequality, and increases family health outcomes as well as earning potential.
4HER: Capacity Building for Women

Over 9.6 million meals to date. And counting.

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