Children First

HRI believes that every parent wants the best for their children, and that parents are the most important teachers in their children’s lives.


High rates of child abandonment, abuse and exploitation afflict Haiti. HRI’s Children First Program (Kay Fanmi) is working to change this in 3 high-poverty communities (slums) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by Building Stronger Families, Reuniting Families and Preventing Child Abandonment. 


Children First is a whole-family, multi-pronged approach to protecting Haiti’s most vulnerable children. Through targeted parent-child interventions, this program works to keep families together, protect children from harm, and build strong parent-child relationships through a host of support services. In addition, the program ensures that children become enrolled in school, eat a nutritious meal each day, engage in afterschool activities and receive academic assistance. By providing families with the supports they need to sustainably overcome poverty-related stress factors, children have a better chance to reach their full potential and thrive.


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In Haiti, an estimated 30,000 children are living in orphanages.


Sadly, most of these children are not orphans; 80% have one or two living parents who, due to extreme poverty and limited resources, are forced to make the heart-breaking decision to abandon their children. Without a family support system, abandoned children bear unimaginable suffering. The trauma and poverty-related stress children experience before and during institutionalized care can have lasting health and developmental consequences. Additionally, orphans who age out of the system are vulnerable to exploitation, gang involvement, abuse and prostitution. These risk factors, combined with limited access to educational opportunities, chronic malnutrition and poor access to health care, further perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty.

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