Get Medical Care to Children and Families in Haiti

HRI's nurse provides medical care to more than 500 people every year through HRI's ongoing programs at orphanages, our school feeding program, working with families through Children First, and other individuals in the community. The number of children served through HRI’s Children First program alone doubled this year.

We need your help ensuring every single child has proper medical evaluations, basic medications, iron vitamins, vitamins for adolescent girls and pregnant women especially, deworming pills, antibiotics, salves for skin infections and more to ensure they are healthy so they can attend school. Occasionally we also see cases of malaria and typhoid that need special treatment as well.

The families who benefit from this professional medical care cannot afford these medical services otherwise. Please help us to double the medical supplies so we can meet every child and adult's needs.

We need to raise at least $1,200 more per quarter to meet the medical needs of those we serve.

Thank you.

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