Bring the Light

After a violent gang breached the walls of Compassion Pour Tous orphanage, attacking a young adolescent girl and threatening the other children, it was clear everyone needed to be moved, and soon.  Leaving everything behind the following night, the children were covertly moved to a new home in a safer location. They arrived in the  early hours of the morning to a much smaller house than the home they had come to treasure, with no furniture nor any of their beloved personal items. Since then, HRI has been working diligently to bring safety, healing, and stability back to the children.

Phase 1: The first step was to provide food, water, clothing, beds, mattresses, solar lamps (there is no electricity), and counseling for severe PTSD. The goal was to ensure the children had an outlet to express their fears and a degree of comfort after the trauma of the attack.

Phase 2: The second phase focused on basic infrastructure. The goal was to improve the safety of the building:

  • A sturdy, iron entry gate was installed.
  • The perimeter fence, roof and inside walls were reinforced.
  • Doors were installed in the bathrooms to ensure privacy.
  • One of the two bedrooms was made into two rooms to provide greater privacy to the older girls.

Phase 3: The next phase for which we are currently raising funds will provide 24-hour power, and with it, significantly increased security to the orphanage through the installation of:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Batteries
  • Generator

For those unfamiliar with inverters, here is a link that will explain the need in Haiti, what these are, and how they are used to substitute for unreliable public power.

Unfortunately, we still need to raise almost $6,500 for this phase.

Donate to Provide 24-Hour Power to Orphanage

Our Social Worker, who has spent countless hours counseling the children and staff at Compassion, reported:

“The self-esteem and self-confidence of the children have improved since the attack. There is a clear decrease in their fearfulness, and they are adjusting well to their new reality. Their anxiety levels have decreased perceptibly, and they have entered a stage marked by hope and success for the future.”

Thank you for your support of the orphans at Compassion Pour Tous!

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