Trifecta Projects Improve Child Outcomes

Children in developing countries face hunger, malnutrition and related growth and health challenges.  Extreme poverty, food insecurity, lack of access to clean water, decent sanitation, good hygiene practices, smoke in the home and poor education are all contributing factors. These factors also increase the risk of child abandonment, trafficking, exploitation, illegal migration and servitude. 

The poverty headcount in Guatemala increased to 60 percent over the last several years, while extreme poverty rose to 37 percent over the same period.  Unequal access to basic infrastructure—electricity, clean water, and sanitation—continues to persist in much of Guatemala. 

HRI’s Trifecta Project provides water filters, latrines and clean cookstoves to families living in very rural, highly impoverished villages in Guatemala. These projects – in addition to a nutritious daily diet – drastically improve health, growth and other child outcomes. 


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Clean Water:

HRI provides each family with one water filter which produces up to 150 gallons of potable water daily. There is no expiration on these filters nor parts to be replaced. These are self-contained filters, and if properly cared for and maintained (all recipients will receive training and ongoing assistance, as needed for up to one year), will last indefinitely.


Installing latrines includes different toilet designs –safe pit-latrines and composting toilets, depending on the best option for each situation. The goal is to ensure that human waste is being captured and managed properly. These latrines not only provide a clean, safe space, but they also provide dignity to women and young girls as they have a private space to use the restroom.

Safe Cookstoves:

HRI has worked with Estufas Chispas in Antigua, Guatemala for several years. This small, local company has designed a very effective, culturally appropriate and well liked clean cookstove that pulls all of the smoke from the home through a chimney system. Each family receives one safe cookstove.

HRI provides support with installation, training, monitoring and oversight for a period of one year for all three Trifecta projects.

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$500 will provide a water filter, latrine and safe cookstove.

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