Sustainable Gardening Initiative

Nueva Candelaria HavestPlanting community, school, and home gardens plays an integral role in combating malnutrition and poverty, especially in communities where basic subsistence farming on rented land is the norm. Gardens are used to supplement nutritional support programs with vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, increase food security and nutrition at home, as well as create potential for  new income generation. HRI is currently implementing community, school, and home garden projects in Guatemala as well as orphanage and school based garden projects in Haiti. So far these gardens have been a huge success, producing hundreds of pounds of nutritious produce during each harvest. HRI is looking forward to building on these successes by continuing to implement more gardens and expanding existing gardens by involving a local agronomist that will regularly monitor, introduce new crops and farming methods, and help communities generate income that will sustain their gardens over time. These efforts have the potential to put communities on a viable pathway towards a healthy, self-sustainable future.

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