Young Leadership Development

We believe in investing in youth because today’s children will be the next generation of leaders in their communities and nations.


Youth growing up in highly impoverished and dangerous communities face a myriad of challenges including lack of prospective employment, lack of access to continued education and few productive activities. Many are at high risk for gang membership and violence, illegal migration, child and sex trafficking, and teen pregnancy, to name a few.


HRI is developing programs and activities to combat this tragic reality and to demonstrate that there are attainable alternatives for youth. HRI is also working to build life skills, leadership skills, as well as youth cooperation and participation. The goal is to prepare and empower a new generation of engaged citizens and leaders by capacitating and encouraging children and young adults to be active participants and drivers of positive change in their own homes and communities.


  • Youth organization: Creating opportunities as well as safe and positive spaces for young people to congregate, share, and organize productively.
  • Connecting youth with adults (parents, caretakers, teachers, community leaders): Engaging families, schools and local leadership in the process of supporting youth leaders, the prospect of youth organizing, and youth representation in community fora and decision-making processes.
  • Community development: Creating opportunities for children and young adults to invest and engage in projects that benefit their communities.

Did you know?

In Guatemala, young people are most affected by violence – both as gang members and as victims of about 80% of violent crimes. (UNICEF)


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