Together with our partners, HRI serves children and families impacted by extreme poverty or natural disasters who lack food, water, education, and sanitation and who are at risk of child trafficking, abandonment and domestic servitude. HRI is responding to crisis, building resilience and creating opportunities that treat and prevent the short and long-term effects of hunger and malnutrition for vulnerable families, institutions, schools and communities. 

To truly beat childhood hunger, stunting, trafficking, abandonment and extreme vulnerability, we must address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity. HRI programs are designed to work together to adequately address these critical issues and others in collaboration with youth, families, institutions and community leaders. Our inclusive, participatory community approach strives to meet the most critical needs of today, while also building a strong foundation for a sustainable, better future.

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Extreme poverty coupled with lack of access to clean water, decent sanitation, good hygiene practices and poor education are the most common root causes of widespread hunger and malnutrition throughout the world. Extreme poverty also results in child trafficking, abandonment and domestic servitude. HRI is actively implementing a holistic approach to tackle these contributing factors as we strive to eliminate hunger and malnutrition and prevent the horrific treatment of children. HRI meal programs, combined with medical support, access to clean water and education, and trainings on nutrition, sanitation and hygiene ensure people no longer suffer from the various effects of hunger and that they receive the basic nutrition they need to learn, grow and thrive.

HRI’s approach moves beyond providing nutritious food alone; HRI removes the distress of where the next meal might come from by providing families with the tools to adequately plan for months and years to come so they can break the cycle and minimize their risk of hunger, malnutrition, child trafficking, abandonment and domestic servitude.

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HRI personalizes our approach for each family, institution, school and community based on individual needs, culture, assets, gifts and dreams.

Job creation is an important element for long-term success in beating hunger. HRI provides training, micro-loans, and ongoing support to young adults and teens in orphanages – as well as families in the communities at risk of abandoning, trafficking or selling their children into servitude, enabling them to launch their own small businesses to generate consistent income, ultimately preventing the exploitation of their children.

With 40 years of experience working in developing countries struck by chronic malnutrition and financial insecurity, HRI’s Founder developed a successful model that truly addresses the diverse challenges of poverty, hunger and child exploitation. Thanks to HRI and our faithful partners, thousands of children and families have greater hope and opportunity! Thousands more could be saved with your help.


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Over 14 million meals to date. And counting.

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