Dear Friends,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for partnering with Hunger Relief International (HRI) in 2020! We are immensely grateful for every donation. While it was an incredibly challenging year, it was also a record-breaking year for HRI!

Thanks to our wonderful partners in 2020, together we served more than 7,210 people through HRI’s ongoing programs and an additional 500,401 people through COVID-19 education, prevention, and relief programs! This includes distribution of 683,956 meals, 331 trainings, and 125 hand washing stations that enabled more than 372,000 people living in high-risk slum communities to wash their hands with soap and water regularly to prevent infection from COVID. We reached our minimum fundraising goal for 2020 as well!

Last year was difficult to navigate, but our teams in Haiti and Guatemala were up to the challenge. When most other organizations ceased all work, HRI stepped up to do more to help prepare, protect, and provide for those hit hardest by the pandemic. Your hard-earned dollars saved lives! Your compassionate generosity created pathways for provision, independence, and hope. And your prayers launched our team to new heights.

HRI is ready to take on 2021 with confidence knowing the work we do each day impacts lives forever. People are counting on us. Parents are praying. Children are waiting. And together, we will respond with grace, compassion, dignity, and grateful hearts.

We hope you will continue to lock arms with us as we work to relieve suffering, build resilience, protect children, prevent the abandonment and trafficking of children, empower families to provide for themselves, strengthen homes and health through education, and respond to the most critical needs of families.

Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your compassion.


Rachel Zelon
CEO & President

Thousands Needs

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