Dear Friends,

Last month we told you about 22 children lost in the chaos of violence and death in Haiti. Thanks to you, HRI hired a social worker who is helping the children to navigate the trauma of loss and fear they survived and to find any living parents or relatives.

But today I want to talk about how we can prevent other children from a similar horror!

Extreme poverty affects women and children most directly. We understand why children are the victims, but we don't often talk about the moms - women with little education, no skills, used by men who promise them the world only to disappear once the reality of a child sets in. We don't like to talk about the fact that women are under-valued in so many places, their voices unheard and their victimization widely unchecked.

SADLY it is because we choose to ignore this painful reality about the plight of women that children become victims - that they are lost in chaos, fall prey to violence and are unprotected from harm.

BUT WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS TRAGIC REALITY. We can teach women a skill, provide an opportunity to earn money and help each one to develop a proud and strong sense of self-reliance!

I need your help today so that HRI can provide scholarships and training to 200 women in 2021.

Each scholarship is $250 and will provide her with a great learning experience and a small grant for her start up business, after which HRI will continue to work with each scholarship recipient for the next 6 months to ensure the success of her business.

Your scholarship will change the life of the woman, her children and the generations of her family to come!

With immense gratitude,

Rachel Zelon
CEO & President

Thousands Needs

Help HRI end hunger and suffering.