Challenging times call for special requests and this is certainly a special request! There are 50 children who, without your support, will be unable to attend school this academic year in Haiti! I am so sorry to ask, yet again, for your help but these precious children's futures rely on getting an education.
As a result of the extreme poverty of their families, these 50 girls and boys face the increased risk of abandonment, trafficking or even servitude without our help to keep them enrolled in school. It is hard to believe that keeping a child in school, getting an education along with hot meals, academic support and medical care can have an immediate impact on the trajectory of their lives, but it is 100% true!
Will you please help us to ensure their safety AND their all important ability to attend school in the hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty?
Your $25 a month school sponsorship ensures your sponsored child benefits from:
  • School Tuition at a Good School
  • Hot School Lunches
  • After School Tutoring
  • After School Club
  • Medical Care including well checks, deworming, medications & more
  • Psychosocial Support & Counseling Services
This is a one sponsor per child program, so you will be the only person helping this child. In exchange for your monthly support, you will receive:
  • Biography of Your Sponsored Child upon receipt of first $25 gift
  • Photo &/or Video of Your Sponsored Child upon receipt of first $25 gift
  • Quarterly Program Report
  • Bi-Annual Report on your Sponsored Child which may include a written report, photo and/or video update
When you register, HRI will send you a bio, photo and/or video so you know exactly who you are supporting.
Thank you for considering this very urgent need!

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