Letter from the President/CEO

Vision, Hopes & Goals for 2019


Dear HRI Partners,


I cannot believe that we are already well into January of 2019! Last year flew by with so many thrilling developments in HRI’s work in both Haiti and Guatemala, and now I find myself writing to you about our vision, hopes and goals for 2019!


Over the years, we have seen our work mature and adapt to the needs of the children and families HRI serves. We have watched, listened and learned from our beneficiaries as we strive to ensure that our work is sustainable and that the positive impacts on the lives of vulnerable children and adults are long-term. We have incorporated new “words” into our language – building resiliency, strengthening families, protecting children, and family unity. These are not simply words; each represents a series of actions that help us frame our work and guide our efforts.


If not for strong and resilient families, what does a child’s life look like? We have witnessed the fear and despair in children’s eyes and in their actions.


If not for child protection, what of a child’s life? We have seen the sadness in the faces of children living in orphanages, on the streets, abandoned by the world because their poverty is too deep to break through; we have witnessed their suffering from under- and mal-nutrition, poor health, and no hope for their futures.


If not for family unity, we see children abandoned in institutions ill-prepared to care for them and always struggling to provide even the minimum standards of care.


If not for nourishing food in schools and orphanages, children suffer the pains of hunger, an inability to learn and retain knowledge, and the sense that they are worth little.


In 2019, HRI is committed to changing those expressions of despair to hope!


The work is right in front of us:


  • We must empower women to lead their families to a brighter future;
  • We must prepare young adults to be the future leaders of their communities and nations;
  • We must work with heads-of-households and prepare them to protect and care for their children and to nourish them physically, emotionally and spiritually;
  • We must continue to train young and old alike on ways to generate more income to better care for themselves and their families.


HRI is committed to lasting, positive change and for that to happen we must continue our path alongside those who need us most. 


HRI is forging new alliances and partnerships; 2019 promises to bring more inspiration and strength to current and new partnerships. We are working alongside like-minded organizations, foundations and local leadership so that we are not working in a vacuum. We are an integral part of a ‘group of many’ with the same laser focus – changing the lives and futures of thousands of desperately poor and vulnerable children and their families, creating safe spaces and communities where people can live in harmony and with hope, creating a world where hunger is an ill of the past, and a world in which dreams can come true.


Please continue with us on our journey in 2019! It will be one of great challenges, great joys, and even times of sadness and despair. But it will never be a time when we give up our hope, our goals or our commitment to change. 


Thank you!

Rachel Zelon
President & CEO

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