HRI Haiti Emergency Fund

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Haiti is in crisis as a result of a culmination of more than a year of violent protests. Political unrest has escalated in recent months causing extreme shortages of food, clean water, life-saving medications, fuel, electricity, cell coverage, and more. Businesses and schools remain closed and people are struggling.

In anticipation of meeting the critical needs of those most directly impacted by civil unrest, HRI created a HAITI EMERGENCY FUND. Once the unrest eases, our goal is to have manpower and funds to respond immediately to significant humanitarian needs, beyond our current program beneficiaries. We have the personnel, but we currently lack the additional funds that will be required in this humanitarian emergency. Please consider giving a sacrificial gift to the new Haiti Emergency Fund. Your support is greatly needed!


Updates on Current HRI Programs:

  • All HRI supported orphanages have food, clean water and fuel for cooking. We are working with our vendors to ensure the next month’s order will be available and on time.
  • HRI Nurse is responding when it’s safe to address the medical needs of children and families we are already serving.
  • HRI Social Workers are conducting trainings and support work with families already enrolled in Children First this week, but adjustments were made for everyone’s safety and privacy.
  • Our Team is launching an Emergency Education Program for over 80 children already enrolled in Children First.