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Give a filter. Save a life.

Consumption of dirty water is a major contributor to malnutrition, chronic illness, and poor health outcomes in the regions where HRI works.

Everyday we see the immediate consequences that lack of reliable access to clean water has on a child’s nutritional status, health, education; etc. – it can tragically cut a child’s life short or stress a child’s well-being in a myriad of ways at critical phases of their cognitive and physical development. The opportunity cost of doing nothing and the long-term negative toll this has on an individual, a family, and a community must not be underestimated or ignored. 


The good news is that the solution is relatively simple. Low cost, effective filters paired with practical trainings have the power to create a positive ripple effect in a child’s life for the short and long-term. We can save lives and improve health outcomes, school attendance and performance and opportunity for the future.

Be a part of the solution with HRI today. Give a filter. Save a life.

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