2019 HRI Annual Report: Haiti & Guatemala

In a report last May, we shared, As we approach Flag Day on May 18, the situation will become clearer as to whether the protests have calmed or if they will explode again, proving we are indeed going to have a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, not just for Port-au-Prince, but across the country. This holiday will be a real indicator of where Haiti is today. If a lot of violence and demonstrations are seen, we will be working in a very unstable Haiti. And then the cycle repeats itself.”


Our fears have come true. The cycle has continued to repeat itself. The crisis in Haiti has now evolved into a major humanitarian crisis. Haiti is the newest Conflict Zone and could erupt into civil war.


The seemingly endless demonstrations – often accompanied by violence in Haiti – have many people wondering why they should continue to help when the situation seems interminable and with no clear resolution. Billions of dollars have been donated and invested to help rebuild this nation again and again.


However, it is critical to keep at the forefront of our minds and our hearts, that real people are dying there every day as a result of this current conflict.


This can no longer be looked at as a series of demonstrations, but rather Haiti has become a ‘conflict zone’ in the truest sense of the term. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the fifteen poorest countries in the world.


The conflict the world is witnessing today is affecting the lives of millions of people. This is a result of generations of corruption at the highest levels of government and the systematic oppression of a vast majority of the country’s population.




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