Single mother struggling to feed, clothe and protect children

Please help single mother Maria Donis who is struggling to provide adequate shelter, food, and clothing for her three children on her own.

Maria and the children live in overwhelming poverty. The pandemic has made a difficult situation so much worse for this young mother. 

Sadly, the children’s father is nowhere to be found. Maria goes out onto the streets every day, even in the rain and cold, carrying her youngest, trying to sell goods so she can buy food for the children. Often they all go without though!

The house they live in -really just some wood and metal sheeting - is in desperate need of repairs. The cold night air seeps into the house and when it rains, water leaks in and ruins anything touching the ground.  New metal sheets will provide better shelter for this family. 

Your support will feed and clothe this family as well as to provide a safer place for them to sleep at night.
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