Save 1 Year Old Little Girl and Her Parents with Medication, Food & Income Generation

Baby Esmeralda and her family need urgent support for food, medications and more due to Severe Childhood Malnutrition, Adult Diabetes and other medical problems.

Baby Esmeralda is just one year old and she is already suffering from severe malnutrition and an untreated skin infection. Sadly, extreme poverty often causes the greatest harm and risk to life to the youngest, most vulnerable member of a family. We need to ensure that Baby Esmeralda gets the immediate attention she needs and the food she must have to survive. Her fragile situation is tragically related to her father's illnesses that have rendered him disabled. Luis, Esmeralda's father, has chronic diabetes which has left him blind, immobile and unable to work. We only pray that his extremities are not next! The only hope for this family is your help so that Baby Esmeralda and Luis get the help they desperately need. Mom Marisol tries to earn money by washing the neighbors clothing, cleaning homes, working as a seamstress, whatever she can find. She is very hard working but with unstable work, she simply does not earn enough to cover their basic food needs AND the extreme medical needs that both Baby Esmeralda and Dad Luis are facing. To make matters even worse, their living situation is dangerous - they live in a fragile hut made of recycled wood and sheets of metal; the floor is dirt! Right now, this family relies on the good will of neighbors but that is not enough. Please help Baby Esmeralda, Dad Luis, and Mom Marisol by providing food for two months, medication, transportation to get to and from the doctor and eggs that Marisol can sell for income for the family.

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