HRI is in urgent need of your help to secure food, medicine and other basic necessities for more than 1,000 desperately poor and vulnerable children and families in Haiti.

Following the assassination of the country's President last week, not only is the country hurtling towards a full-blown constitutional crisis, but the criminal and gang violence has, according to the United Nations and local observers, only worsened. During the second half of June, well before the President's assassination, more than 8,000 people had fled their homes to escape the gang violence.

Additionally, earlier this year the humanitarian needs overview analysis in Haiti revealed that more than 4.4 million Haitians (40% of the population) will require humanitarian assistance in 2021. This was before the President was assassinated last Wednesday morning, creating a new crisis and exacerbating the already dire situation. The people grow more and more fearful due to the volatile security situation and border closures which block food and fuel deliveries.

Currently, we anticipate a significant risk to supply chains of food, medicine, fuel and other basic necessities.

HRI needs to secure food, medicine and other basic necessities RIGHT NOW if we are to ensure that those most vulnerable are not at increasing risk with each passing day! And please remember that COVID is just now hitting the country hardest with thousands falling ill and dying daily. Without food, already compromised immune systems will not be able to survive COVID.

I know that we have asked a lot of you - our donors - this year, but please consider making a significant donation to ensure children do not go hungry or without medicine and other basic needs during this ongoing humanitarian disaster in Haiti.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rachel Zelon
CEO & President

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