Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake

HRI is responding to the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck southwest Haiti on the 14 of August.


  • Currently, the death toll is at 2,200 and climbing.
  • More than 10,000 are injured, many severely.
  • Hundreds are missing or unaccounted for.
  • Thousands of homes, churches and businesses have been destroyed.
  • Roads are blocked by mudslides.
  • There have been aftershocks of magnitude 5.2, 5.1, and many others.

The devastation is overwhelming and will be for some time, and that’s why we need YOU!

HRI's response goes hand-in-hand with our core programs as our team is working with children in orphanages and families in our Children First program to provide psychosocial support (counseling), medical care and more.


  1. We are partnering with Mercy Corp to assist with the immediate needs of water, food, sanitation and hygiene at the epicenter of the quake.
  2. We are preparing for an influx of children into orphanages supported by HRI as children lost in the chaos and others whose parents have perished in the aftermath may be sent by the authorities, neighbors or even strangers.
  3. We also anticipate that thousands of families will likely flee homelessness, hunger and lack of basic necessities for the capital of PAP where HRI is working. There, HRI will be ready to assist with a variety of services including psycho-social support, food, water, basic medical care and more. HRI’s Children First program is proven to be a great support to families in times of extreme crisis to help them rebuild their lives, so we will be expanding that program to serve additional families from the epicenter who migrate to the capital.
  4. Many who survived the 2010 quake in PAP have been retraumatized by this 2021 quake and the many large aftershocks – all which are being felt in PAP. Our team is immediately starting psychosocial support activities with the orphanages and the families we serve. Our social workers are also making plans for 3 and 6 months from now as the need for trauma-based counseling and treatment for those with severe PTSD will be a major factor for quite some time.

The 2010 earthquake is what birthed the vision for HRI. Eleven years later, we have plans in place to respond to natural disasters such as this. But we need your support!

Please partner with HRI. The support you give will be focused on the long-term recovery of individual children and families!

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