Help provide school lunches for 215 children for 22 days in July 2021

215 desperately poor, hungry children need a nutritious hot lunch in order to attend school in PAP, Haiti right now!  

For just $0.36 a meal you can change a child's life - she can go to school, learn to read and write, have hope for a future beyond the slums and hunger! 

HRI is desperately working to save 215 extremely high risk children from abandonment or trafficking; an education and a hot meal is the first step towards safety. With your help we can provide all of these children with a hot, nutritious meal every school day. We will cover school fees but without you, without a hot lunch, parents may never be able to send these children to school.

36 cents provides one meal to one child.
$79 provides 240 meals to one child.
$1,538 provides one month of meals for all 215 students.

HRI works with single mothers to prevent children from being abandoned into orphanages, ensure children attend school where they receive nutritious meals daily, and provide business and parenting training to mothers. The trauma and poverty-related stress children experience before and during institutionalized care (orphanages) can have lasting health and developmental consequences. Many risk factors, combined with limited access to educational opportunities, chronic malnutrition, and poor access to health care, further perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty.

Launched in 2017, Children First is a whole-family, multi-pronged approach to protecting Haiti’s most vulnerable children. Through targeted parent-child interventions, this program works to keep families together, protect children from harm, and build strong parent-child relationships through a host of support services. In addition, the program ensures that children become enrolled in school, eat a nutritious meal each day, engage in afterschool activities and receive academic assistance. By providing families with the support they need to sustainably overcome poverty-related stress factors, children have a better chance to thrive!

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