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As COVID-19 continues to spread, access to accurate information is essential. In Haiti and Guatemala, large portions of the populations are unaware of the truths surrounding COVID-19.  To ‘get the word out’ quickly and effectively, HRI launched a COVID-19 PREVENTION & EDUCATION CAMPAIGN. We are disseminating information via social media and text messages using the graphics below in Spanish, English and Creole. Our primary target audiences are people with little access to accurate, life-saving information in Haiti, Guatemala and other countries with limited communications. Our goal is to ensure that every person receives accurate, up-to-date information, that they understand the virus, the risks, and the best ways to protect themselves and their families using good WASH practices and social distancing.


As HRI spreads important information on COVID-19, we hope you personally remain safe and healthy during this very difficult time.



The Government of Guatemala is providing a little bit of food to families who had children enrolled in school prior to the shut-down. HRI is assessing the food needs in the communities and particularly among young children, pregnant women and the elderly. We are working closely with community leaders to identify and appropriately respond to food and/or medical needs in the villages, and we are distributing nutritious food baskets to those in greatest need.
In our urban program, HRI was able to provide a number of young people and their families with short-term take home rations just before the country’s activities were halted. Most of our work, though, has been focused on prevention and social support. 


In Haiti, all of the orphanages continue to receive diverse support. Food, water and fuel for cooking was provided to the orphanages prior to the closure of activities in the country. Training on prevention against COVID-19 has been ongoing. 


Over 80 parents of 300+ children received extensive training on ways to protect themselves, their children and the community from spreading the virus. These adults are now back in the community sharing the lessons learned with family, friends and neighbors.


HRI is working on a Community Handwashing Program and plans to have multiple handwashing stations throughout multiple slum communities once funding is secured. We will keep you apprised. 


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