The week I spent in Nueva Candelaria working with HRI staff and the community to establish a community garden was very uplifting. The cooperation and teamwork demonstrated by all involved was really special. The joy shared by all as we observed the first drops of water emerge from the drip irrigation system made for a truly memorable moment, a moment that symbolized how a week of caring, hard work and cooperation by all involved had opened a new door of opportunity for this community. The support by Hunger Relief International is a beautiful example that people will seek to improve their lives if given the opportunity to do so.

Jim Shrefler, Ph.D Horticulture SpecialistOklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

I am so thrilled to be in partnership with HRI. I’ve worked with Rachel Zelon for years and I am so impressed with her authentic passion and care for people all over the world. I’ve seen first hand the quality of work done by Rachel and the HRI staff, and I am amazed at the impact they are having on children, families, and entire communities.

Mickey HensleyCollective Acts

HRI has been an absolute pleasure to partner with! The work and impact they are having in Haiti and around the globe is truly extraordinary. In our several years working with HRI in an effort to positively impact the future of Haiti, we have been blessed by their amazing staff, organizational skills, and efficiency. HRI is full of great people making an incredible impact and it is our pleasure to partner with them!

Pastor Kory CassellChurch By The Glades

Through HRI and the connections that they have given us we now have gone way beyond just “feeling” like we are helping to actually seeing change in the country of Haiti.

Pastor Mark GrochockiPalm Valley Church

During 2012 I was privileged to work with HRI and visit Haiti on two different occasions. I am so very impressed by the progress and impact that is being made with the garden project as well as HRI’s amazing commitment and care for the children of Haiti.

Professor Lynn BrandenbergerOklahoma State University

During March 2013 I had the opportunity to visit and collaborate on HRI’s work in Guatemala. I found a devoted organization with a clear vision and understanding of how to address the lack of basic needs in the communities where they work. HRI staff identifies appropriate entry points, delivers practical aid, and develops strong relationships with each community as well as a diverse set of local stakeholders. The staff is warm and professional, shows knowledge of every detail and at the same time understands the bigger picture. They are attentive to the communities, stakeholders and partners, and trusted by donors. It was a pleasure working with their team and I will be honored to continue collaborating with HRI.

Yossi OfferInternational Development Consultant

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