Mission Trips

Mission teams are essential partners in HRI’s work. Teams and experts from universities, organizations, and churches generously donate their time and hard work to accomplish important projects that communities and orphanages may have a difficult time accomplishing without assistance. Mission projects are generally executed in 1-2 weeks, but have a long lasting impact on specific community needs. In addition, mission teams offer tremendous positive energy and engage in meaningful cultural exchanges with local people, all while allowing communities to continue on their path towards greater self-sufficiency.

Some mission team accomplishments include:

  • The construction of a school in Agua Zarca, Guatemala
  • The construction of two school kitchens for the HRI School Feeding Programs in Nueva Candelaria and Agua Zarca, Guatemala.
  • The installation of two clean water systems in Guatemala providing potable water to over 1,000 people daily.
  • The construction of a new perimeter wall to improve security for the orphans living in the COEHNA orphanage in Haiti.
  • The construction of bunk beds for 45 children living at CCEH orphanage in Haiti.
  • The construction of closets and shelving at the Orphelinat Chretien de Petite Place Cazeau.



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